COVID-19 (Updated 26/10)

At City Volley, we are aware of the various issues that events of our nature may have in relation to the Covid-19 situation. In this connection, we of course stay up to date on the latest guidelines from the government and act within these.

In accordance with the newest guidelines, we can finally start City Volley back up, after a long lockdown-period. The current assembly ban for outdoor sports is 50 persons, which we of course will adhere to. We are ready to divide our events in to zones, so we can potentially have more than 50 persons, if the need should arise. 


We will of course bring hand sanitizer to all of our events and make sure, that the balls are sanitized before, during and after our events.

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Idrættens Hus
Brøndby Stadion 20, 2605 Brøndby