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We collaborate with volleyball clubs in Copenhagen, Aarhus and Odense. If you are motivated to play even more volleyball - do not hesitate to contact one of our cooperation-clubs. They will stand ready with open arms and wide smiles to welcome you.


Amager Volleyball Club

CBS Sport

Copenhagen Beach Volleyball

Enghave Volleyball Club

Frederiksberg Beach Volleyball Club

Frederiksberg Volley

Grøndal EV :

In Grøndal EV, we have beginners as well as experienced players, and therefore there is room for both the big and the small level of ambition. In the coming season, we have senior teams that play in everything from the Mix 2 series to the 2nd division, and youth teams that play for weekend competitions as well as to the Zealand and Danish championships.

We train primarily in Hillerødgade Sports Hall and Bellahøjhallen, but also have a long-standing collaboration with Grøndalsvænget school where the youth training takes place.
Mondays and Wednesdays from May to August, we have two beach volleyball courts in Ryparken, where we mix across the teams depending on attendance.

KSG Idrætsforening



KV 61

Pan Volley

Spirillen Volley

Sundby YMCA

VLI Volley

Samarbejdsklubber: Tekst
Samarbejdsklubber: Tekst
Samarbejdsklubber: Tekst
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